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We're dedicated to mastering the art of landscaping. You supply the vision, and we'll do the rest.

It all starts with an idea...

The Lawn Connection was started in May of 2009. After a long and dedicated background of telecommunications work came a day I was ready to be my own boss and control my life. I had spent many days and nights away from home as my family grew without me. It was then that I knew my traveling days were over. I knew I could do it and enjoy the rewards if I was willing to take the risk. After many long days and nights of research I presented to my family my future business plan and given the support I needed to begin being my own boss. It was then The Lawn Connection would be born and I had no idea where I would be today with it. What started as a lawn care only company. How grown into a lawn care, landscape, and irrigation company for both residential and commercial. If it want for customers like you we wouldnt be where we are today!

No wallflowers, here.

Like working with a smart, dedicated team of professionals who offer creative solutions to your landscaping challenges? Look no further than The Lawn Connecion.


We have serveral years of experience in both commercial and residential irrigation and lawn care for an array of satisfied and grateful clients.

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